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Spring/Summer 2019|Serenade

Spring/Summer 2019

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Spring/Summer 2019

What a varied programme of events we’ve had this term. We had a visit from Tara of TSAVocal who took us on an Abba adventure, teaching us some Abba songs, which I know our members loved. There was also our 7th birthday to celebrate, none of us would have thought 7 years ago we’d still be here, and look how much we’ve achieved.

Then onto the serious rehearsing for this year’s Summer Concert, which a Serenade Sings with Friends. The concert gave us an opportunity to sing with some of our nearest and dearest as we involved our menfolk and our children, along with singing and acting friends. The pieces were a mix of full choir pieces, solo parts, small groups and proper solos. We’ve perfected the movement songs now, so we had a few of those, which really liven up the performance and allow us to look at Nicole and smile a little, which is much more enjoyable for the audience. The concert took lots of hard work and dedication as always, but was a huge success.

After the concert we had a wonderful few weeks of activities leading us up to the summer holidays. We started off with a group of us going to see Menopause The Musical at the theatre, and much giggles and guffaw’s were had by all who went.

Then our own Laura (sop1), delivered a Key Stage 2 Instrument and Rhythm workshop for us, proving to many that we do actually have a sense of rhythm. It was such a great laugh and we have some excellent video evidence to prove it! Clare then rounded off the evening talking about how to stay safe on Facebook and how to use it to promote the choir.

The following week was Line Dancing with our very own Kathy (alto). One thing we learnt was that musical ability doesn’t necessarily translate into dancing ability; as we had a few bruised toes. However, we had great fun and a good workout, phew!

Next up was Georgie Lorimer from who was guest conductor for the evening and taught us a new song that we all fell in love with. I do hope we’ll be digging that out at some point. Georgie was an enchanting teacher, and I know many of us really enjoyed her style.

The finale of the term was the annual quiz held at the Volunteer Centre garden. Great fun was had by all. We stretched our brains to the limit and enjoyed a wonderful evening with our friends, ready for a well deserved rest over the summer.


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