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Spring/Summer 2017|Serenade

Spring/Summer 2017

Posted by on Sep 19, 2017 in Choir News | 0 comments

Spring/Summer 2017

We were without our wonderful accompanist Ness for a few weeks in the Spring term, and with the Easter holidays and bank holidays, the pressure was on to get us into shape for our Summer Concert. Our Musical Director Nicole wasn’t daunted though; she set us an ambitious concert programme to learn, pushing us to learn all new songs (something we had never done before on this scale), some without music and learning the actions too!! But, thankfully, Peter and David stepped in to help to make rehearsals happen. Without them, we would have had to cancel rehearsals, and therefore the concert may not have happened. The theme was “Colours of Sound” and enabled us to have a very varied range of songs from “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” to “True Blue”, “Goldfinger” to “99 Red Balloons”. We had more volunteers than ever to sing in the small groups and they delivered some fantastic performances. Pushing ourselves was daunting, but we had great fun and it was a memorable night. We were joined by Newcroft Choir, and they all sang beautifully and were led by our soprano Laura. Our men/boys delivered a stunning Flashmob “Joseph” from the audience, it took everyone by surprise and helped to create a great vibe, we were very proud of them all.

We are a community choir and it’s not just about the singing. It’s about being there for each other, sharing each other’s ups and downs, getting to know new people and supporting our local community.  So we were thrilled that this year’s efforts enabled us to support the Shepshed Toy Library and STEPS with donations of £1500 each. Plus as we were feeling really generous this year and were able to give £500 to each of the six charities that we have supported in the past 5 years – Peter Le Marchant Trust, Derbys., Leics. & Rutland Air Ambulance, Bloodwise, LOROS, The Shepshed Food Bank and The Shepshed Volunteer Centre. It was a moving experience to hear from them all at our presentation night and was a great end to a thoroughly enjoyable year.



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