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Spring/Summer 2012|Serenade

Spring/Summer 2012

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Spring/Summer 2012

On June 2nd 2012, around 60 members of Serenade gathered nervously in Glenmore Park ready to perform for the very first time. Nobody had heard us sing together before and our uniforms had only been seen by those closest to us!

After a short warm-up and everyone having chance to read our letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we were ready to sing.

Throughout the day, there had been a number of performances – all of which had been viewed and appreciated from afar by people having their picnics. But as we emerged nervously¬†from the ‘performers’ tent’, we were shocked to see that everybody had gathered round the stage to see and hear this group of women they’d read about in the paper and heard about on the radio. If the nerves hadn’t been jangling already, they were now!

After singing two of our ‘warm-up songs’, we were ready to go for it. Some ladies were even beginning to smile and, dare I say, enjoy themselves?!?!

We sang ‘Over the Rainbow’, Downtown’ and finished on a great high with ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. The crowd went bananas and there were smiles all round!

Thank you to all those who made this performance so memorable for us – friends and families who have supported us, David and Alan at Shepshed High School for making us so welcome each week for our rehearsals, the crowd who gave us all the boost we needed and most of all – and I mean MOST of all – our wonderful ‘Serenadies’ – the ladies who come along every Monday to sing, smile, chat and share a giggle. The women who, just a fortnight before the Jubilee, seemed to have decided they couldn’t do it, but then picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and blew everybody away with their infectious smiles and wonderful, beautiful singing!

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